Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adding Pizazz to Any Lamp!

Is your room missing something? Try this 3 step inexpensive craft to give a plain old lamp shade, a face-lift!
1. Take the shade off of your lamp. Make sure it's turn
ed off before you do this and that the lamp shade is fabric!...Preferably one that's has no pattern or anything coming off of it. Like this one:

2. Get an embellishment! It could be a hair piece, a ribbon, or an embellishment purchased from a craft store! It might look like this:
3. Use a hot glue gun to apply your embellishment to your lampshade. (be careful! The glue gets HOT!)

And...Vwalah! You have a unique beautiful lamp, that no one else has :

(taken by me!)

Hope I helped!


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