Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back on track! ~_^

Long time no blog {again :/} I apologize for those few people who look forward to my posts {if there are any at all.}

My new fave designer is: Sarah Richardson! She's absolutely amazing! I love all of her houses, and her shows are just fantastic! I've watched season 2 and 3 , Sarah's House all the way through every episode! Her show Design Inc. is also great! She got me started on HUNTER rain boots in SH Season 3 where she renovates a fab farmhouse! Heared of 'em? They are these fabulous boots that are the new thing! They prepare you for any and all weather and are sooo cute! Doing an ext. design job in the muck and mud? Pick up a pair of Hunters! They usually cost around $100 each! Not too bad eh? ^_~

Crate and Barrel has come out with some great new accessories! I recieved their latest catalog just a day or two ago and let me tell you, their mailing list is the place to be! They came out with some fabulous china thats smooth charcol on the outside and glazed white on the inside. I love{excuse me, want} them! <3

I might be making some new curtains soon! Theres a loomcraft right by my house so I can't wait to pick out something fabulous!

Tata for now<3

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long time no blog! Black Friday Sales Mapped Out!

Hey everyone (though who could I possibly be talking to when I say everyone with no followers besides Akira and I?)! Black friday is quickly approaching, which means all your fave home stores are having huge sales! Yay! Just to make it easy for all of you, I did a little research on what home stores are having what sales (including online).

Crate&Barrel: 25% off Wine and Dine, Free Shipping on all $99^ orders
        The Land of Nod: Free shipping on all holiday decor

Bed Bath & Beyond: Free Shipping on all $99^ orders

Macy's: 25-50% off home goods, Furniture & Mattress Sale, 10% off & Free Shipping

Pottery Barn: ?
       PBTeen: 75% off Fall items

Any stores you think I should add? Comment below!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Anyone Want a Designer-infused Comforter for Under $100?

I know I do!
Step 1: Get a plain white bedset. Yes, I said and meant white. Hint: Stay away from pollyester,
unless you like sleeping in sweat!
Target $50
Step 2: Keep an eye out for fab-and-funky pillows that are white with some other crazy hue! Hint: Don't be afraid to go bold! $45
Thanks for Reading! Check back soon!
<3 Lily

Monday, August 8, 2011

Add color to a bland room. No clash involved!

Who says BTS shopping is limited to tees and tunics? This year, make sure you check out crate&barrel as you make your merry way through the mall! The new school year is the perf time to spice up your space! With my help of course!(;

My last post was a link to the oh-so-fabulous Thread Banger, to help you put a stop to white walls. This week I'll give you tips that are uh...a bit more specific (and mine! loll)!

Begin by judging your room. Look it up and down and see if you can check off everything on my Do you have a good looking room(like a good looking guy except you spend even more time together! ;) list?
[] The color of my room is good. ie. not tacky, kitchy, smudged with dirt and years of damage, or just plain ugly.
[] My furniture is good. ie. matches or works well together. Not written on or hidden with loads of stuff.
[] My bedding and window treatments go together (and match my wall color). ie. similar colors, patterns, and oh yeah, not ugly.

If you weren't able to check off everything on this list, then you may need some help!
(more later)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inexpensive Wall Art!

This is great for designing on a budget, and sooo unique! This is a video from Thread Banger on Youtube! They are geniuses! Check it out:
I saw this and thought it was sooo smart and super cute! Also, I might make some video tutorials soon so you can see how to make something cool for your room instead of just reading about it! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adding Pizazz to Any Lamp!

Is your room missing something? Try this 3 step inexpensive craft to give a plain old lamp shade, a face-lift!
1. Take the shade off of your lamp. Make sure it's turn
ed off before you do this and that the lamp shade is fabric!...Preferably one that's has no pattern or anything coming off of it. Like this one:

2. Get an embellishment! It could be a hair piece, a ribbon, or an embellishment purchased from a craft store! It might look like this:
3. Use a hot glue gun to apply your embellishment to your lampshade. (be careful! The glue gets HOT!)

And...Vwalah! You have a unique beautiful lamp, that no one else has :

(taken by me!)

Hope I helped!